Anonymous → People magazine put Lupita whatshername on the cover as the most beautiful woman. Politically correct just like the Oscar she received?







A magazine can put whoever they wish on the cover. Calling anybody the most beautiful woman is risky and very naive. She is very beautiful for  a black woman but I doubt she is the most beautiful black woman out there.

It has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s just a magazine being silly. Not an award.

I dislike her beyond words but not everything she does is bad. As of late she is just a mindless, characterless puppet to the media.

"Beautiful for a black woman"….says the girl who looks like last weeks lasagna.

Church. If it were any other Patty Mayonnaise poster girl they wouldn’t have nothing to say. 


"She’s very beautiful for a black woman".. she’s very beautiful period. They just can’t stand to see a powerful, black woman on a magazine that usually features white people on the cover majority of the time. Do y’all feel threatened? Poor excuse.

No, each race has different beauty standards. She is very ugly for a white woman but beautiful for a black woman.

And do you guys actually think some insignificant black actress is a threat to white people? She doesn’t exist for us. How pathetic can you be to use this hypocrite puppet as a poster girl for black people? Is that all you’re capable of? Put a black scientist on the cover, not some insecure nobody that has nothing going for her than her melanin.

this girl has a tag for Hitler photos on her blog so?



Good morning?


Broad City: Smart Girls w/ Amy Poehler

is this sexting

is this sexting

In some ways, the term “pansexual” came out of biphobia and a need to stipulate that one was not transphobic. If you take the binary view of “bisexual,” then a sexuality specific to an attraction to men and women could be seen as being noninclusive of transgender men and women. On the other hand, transgender men and women want to (and should) be seen as simply men and women, meaning that they would/should be included in that very binary; not including them tends to be much more phobic and noninclusive.

Then there is the thought that the binary view of bisexuality can be seen as phobic of anyone who identifies as genderqueer, or somewhere along the gender and sexuality spectrum, not identifying as male or female, man or woman. But, as I mentioned before, the true definition of “bisexual” is being attracted to those who are the same as me and those who are different from me, encompassing all genders and identities. The often-repeated argument that “bi means two” ignores a simple fact: “Same” and “different” are, indeed, two groups.

via The Bad ‘B’ Word: A Need for Bisexual Acceptance

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What you missed on 2x01 of Orphan Black:



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why is this being sent to me though

why is this being sent to me though

should I buy this Merida wig for the days I’m too lazy to do my hair?

should I buy this Merida wig for the days I’m too lazy to do my hair?

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for Earth day I littered and drove 70 miles. 


oops I went on a rant


At least something good happened in this godforsaken episode